Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Oh my darling. Have you forgotten me? Do you miss me like I miss you? Wrapped in your shroud, I beg to know.

I can see you, with her, sleeping in your arms. Do you still dream of me? Or has your heart moved past. I lay myself at the alter of my mental shrine and beg for an answer of any kind.

Choking, I gasp at the chance to breathe your sent and taste your sweet lips. If only one last time.

Damn you!

This unrelenting need to feel the weight of your body on top of mine is more than I can stand. Come back to me, your head should rest on my shoulder. Let me carry the weight of your burdens, for they are nothing to me if they put you at ease.

Close your eyes my sweetheart, rest your weary eyes, in the morning you will see.

She doesn't deserve you. She's a leech, sucking your talent and desire dry, bleeding you out. Let me be your Muse, for she is just a Siren leading you to an island of torment and strife.

Has her song won your heart again and have you already set sail never to return to my arms? Oh please, I have waited for this love for too long.

When I see you next will you shy away from my touch? Like a hand on a flame, burnt emotions filling the room in a thick haze. Or will you open your arms and embrace me?

Hold me and let me feel your heart, the steady rhythm is so soothing to my mind.

My control is slipping slowly out of my fingers. What will I do if you turn my heart away? I can not be your friend, I deserve to be so much more. As you have become so much more to me.

If you deny me and I look back, will I turn to a pillar of salt? An eternity as salt is kinder than an eternity without your gentle whisper in my ear.

This fear grips me tighter then I could ever imagine. Constrict me and kill me, this ambiguity is to painful.

I need a cigarette.


  1. I must say...quite exquisite writtings. Don't be sad....he'll be back soon in your arms!

  2. Thanks Jamie! Glad to see you back!!

  3. I cry for you!

    You stay strong too, you hear?