Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My First!

Ohhh baby pop my cherry cauz here we go.

I've never made a blog like this before, I've been a purest for so long writing only in journals for fear of people actually reading something. Keeping secrets in books forever. I have an ana buddy who has a blog, I guess its good to have somewhere that can be anonymous but still get support from others. I don't know if anyone will read this or if they even care, but why not right?

I hate April.

All that April brings is the hardships of Easter, and fucking rain. Along with Christmas there is no worse holiday. The entire family gathered around engaging in the most gluttonous and sickening activities. Why in the world would would any one holiday need both turkey and ham? Watching people pile potatoes and stuffing etc. into their mouths by the shovel makes me feel sick. And as if it wasn't bad enough, with the family staring down their noses at you at the dinner table ("you haven't touched your MOUNTAIN of food K" "oh sorry Auntie Kath, but I'm not a FUCKING PIG like you, you fat bitch") but next comes the sweets.

Oh delicious chocolate; for the devil resides in your melt-y goodness. Sweet sweet loathing. Devine sacrafice as you graze my lips and delight my tounge. Push apart self restraint and feed the devil within me.

And even if I can resist for the day, the night creeps in like a NAVY SEAL and TKO's my ass.

1:00 AM- "NO! Bad Kitty you don't want it. It's not as delectable as you think it is. Just roll over and close your eyes, dont think about it."
1:10 AM- "Some water will help, just dont think about it, see not that bad. Right?"
1:20 AM- "Fuck....Fuckiety fuck" it calls out: "Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty. Come here darling and eat me. Its clear you want to, just a bite. A moursal, no harm"
1:30 AM- "Nom, nom, nom, nom" The bunny screams: "NOOOOOOOOO MY EARS!"

Sigh, it will be my forever undoing.

Well it's off to the gym to stop feeling discusting.

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  1. Congrats on your first blog! I felt like I was you as I read your blog about Easter. I have a HUGE aunt kathy too! lol. I ended up bingin on Easter because...well...no excuses...homemade Italian is my weakness. Even though I purged like 10 times I gained 4 fucking pounds...yuck. FInally lost it though! Currently 38 hours into a 4 day fast. Only coffee and 1 banana! I see you visited the chatroom that my ED friend Clementine and I created! I'm so glad it's taking off! Sorry I was jammed at work when you were in. View my blog at www.thinfrustrations.blogspot.com or email my at thinkthin46@yahoo.com anytime! Welcome to the community!

    Jamie - Ana & Mia for 10 years

    22, Chicago IL
    CW: 150
    HW: 215
    LW: 135
    GW: 118