Friday, April 24, 2009

Somtimes I sit on the bench and watch the grass grow..

I did it! God damn it I did it. My first year of College is over! Holy god do I feel fantastic about it. I'm almost positive I passed all my classes and errrry thing. Now if only I could do so well for myself.


Actually I wasn't to bad today. I had a coffee and the top of whole grain muffin at about 9 this morning and lots and lots of water for the rest of the day. I'm going on a date again tonight, I dont think we are going for supper tho. A relief to say the least.

Also, I'm going to Florida to see my Ma tomorrow. It'll be so nice to get a tan again, sit on the beach, chill by the pool. Cupcake is in Mexico with her right now. But he sent me texts up until the flight took off and then even one once he landed. I'm unsure of roaming from Mexico but I imagine it cant be cheep. He's so sweet to think of me. We'll see if he misses me by day 5 tho. Actually I'm pretty confidant in my hold on that, but I will hedge my bets for now.

I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, I made him a care package. Just little goodies for the airplane trip to keep him amused. A sports illustrated, quiz/puzzle book, Men's Health, handful of Wurthers, Campino's and a bag of Sour Skittles (His fave). And a little naughty note ;) A tip to all girls out there, care packages are the way to a mans heart. Don't put anything frilly (unless its a pair of your panties ohh lala) but all things that you think he might enjoy and make him think of you. Sometimes I'll put little mini sunscreen bottles, or travel sized nessissities. Whatever you think would make him smile.

I cant wait to go swimming again! Swim Swim Swim! And SHOPPING!!!! Oh I cant wait! Shoes, Shirts, Skirts! And I've met my GW so hopefully I'll be able to get everything I want and look decent in it.

I got a really nice msg from my ana buddy! She seems like such a sweet heart! Whenever I'm about to cave I think of her, and the rest of you, that (might) read this and have such diligence and control. And I take a sip of tea and close the fridge and slowly back away. And then I go brush my teeth! A clean mouth is a mouth less likely to want to consume. Or I go for a smoke, but teeth brushing is much healthier.

But for now I think it's time to take a nap, well drink more water and then take a nap. Maybe concoct some dream where my boys duel for my love...*sigh*

A girl can dream can't she? Oh well.


  1. welcome to blogger! I'm already in love with your writing and think you'll be great inspiration :)

    Congrats on finishing your first year of college. It's such a rush!!!

  2. Hey grilfriend! Totally have missed you! Have fun with your mom's and ggod job with your GW! Things at my crib are still crazy since my sis found my blog but i decided to "un-delete" it and change some settings! Loves You!