Friday, May 8, 2009

A Day of Ups and Downs

Oh glory be the three "R"s work! I ate nothing but 2 fresh rolls all day and got an ass kicking at the barn!

I rode 3 horses and mucked 3 stalls and swept the isles. My knee's are a little swollen and it hurts to climb stairs a little but its so worth it...wait for it...

100.0 even! And I know its not just from water weight.

I've been restricting (ok so chocolate at 2 doesn't count but I couldn't stop myself. I tried) and jogging and today was a fantastic workout. I feel great.

Really...I do...I think

Oh sigh, its never all good is it?

I called him cupcake because he was simply a sample of the larger cake that should be awaiting me. But, a cupcake doesn't last nearly as long as an actual cake does, does it? No, it is simply a portion of the greater. And I have come to realize that all is left of my Cupcake is crumbs and the paper wrapper. I have consumed it all, gorged myself, binged.

So now I must purge him from my body. He will always be my best friend, no questions asked. But never again my lover. It has become clear that I am not going to be taking the place of her. He hasn't said anything but I can feel it.

Oh well better to see and prepare for it, than get blind-sided by a semi.

So the hunt continues.

Edith Beale once said "All I want in life, Mr. Gould is a dance partner."

I feel much the same. Well I think it's time I threw some ice on my knees and called it a night. I'm not sad you know. I thought I would be but I'm not. I'm not even bitter, I almost wish I felt more than I do.

As Skinnylove says on her blog

Refuse, Resist, Restrict And as always, stay strong and think thin!


  1. Amen to the R's. Congratulations on such a lovely weight<3.

  2. CONGRATS on 100lbs!!!! hadn't heard of the 3 R's before but I like it.
    Much love

  3. Wow you would be incredible thinspiration! We should definitely meet up in Toronto...there's actually another girl w/ a blog that's from TO also don't know if you follow her or not - Sassy Little Fassy w/ Bulimia.

  4. Yesss I'm so glad that the R's are workin' for you!

    And I hope that you find a cake for yourself. At least your relationship with cupcake seemed good.

    I want you to know how wonderful and fantastic it is that you're at 100. That's 37 pounds less than me (and how tall are you?). So you. are. bloody. marvellous.

    You should post photos of your horse!