Thursday, May 7, 2009

do it!

Oh I am so sorry that I've been so awful lately about updating. My computer had a super shitty virus and it was making blogging intensely difficult.

So I came back to Toronto on Sunday and flew in thru Buffalo. The wait at the boarder was over 2 hours! But it gave me time to organize things with my Cupcake. He was over at my house not even 30 seconds after we had gotten home.

We had fantastic sex. He makes me feel so beautiful. And even better is he is so supportive.

Since I got back I've been bad about chocolate (I cant stop, its almost scary) I was telling him about it and how much I hate myself for it. He took all of the chocolate from my room and not just threw it out but threw it away out of the house. He said he would punish me if I ate any more of it. I love him :)

Shit my friend just rang my doorbell. I'm sorry this is so short. I really need some thinspireation


  1. that was so nice of C to through your chocolate away! that's what every ana needs, a guy who will dispose of unsafe food, no questions asked ;)

  2. ugh *throw

    p.s. hope you are doing well!!! all my support!

  3. Supportive boyfriends are the best! Mine had to do it with peanut butter kit kat chunkys. lol. Thank u for ur comments, really helps.
    Much love!