Monday, May 25, 2009

Forgive me please!

It's been so long and I am so sorry.

Things have been out of control and I have been so ashamed I couldn't even bring myself to confide to you all.

I finally told C that I've had enough and can't be with him anymore. I've never been more depressed in my life, and resorted to the oldest of habits. Drinking, coke, and as many diet pills I can shove in my mouth. I reached rock bottom on sunday when I passed out and my friend took me to the hospital.

I thought I could forget, I thought the pain would go away.

I ate for the first time something other than a slimfast shake today. I felt ok but I can't shake this dark feeling.

I'm sorry this is short. I need some sleep.


  1. we understand your absence. Take care of yourself. I wish I could be more helpful to lend my support and give you comfort, but I'm glad you updated us as I was concerned where you went!

    Please rest and do what you need to do :)

  2. Girl stay strong....I hope everything is okay

  3. Went on a coke binge myself this weekend....totally feel you. I hope your doing better, email me anytime.

    Loves You!