Saturday, May 2, 2009

Working hard to look lazy

Well it's my last day in sunny hot Florida and I am burnt to a slight crisp. Well really just my shoulders. I have a great triangle tit tan going on, I'm sure lovely to anyone who see's me naked. Not that that's really anyone.

I'm so anxious to get home that I can't sleep. So I figured I would blog to clear my head a little.

Today wasn't great in terms of food:
Grande coffee frapp lite
1/2 low fat cranberry lemon scone
15 rock shrimp (oh god they were so delicious)
1/4 cup steamed long grain rice
15 or so green beans

I purged about 20 minutes ago, shrimp the second time wasn't nearly as good.

My Ma and I went to the beach and I went for a nice long run and then a dip in the ocean. It was so amazingly hot and the water was nice and cool it felt really nice. I wish that I could live on the beach, I love the ocean. I forget about everything when I'm sitting there, watching the waves and the tide. One day maybe.

I will miss my dog when I leave here. He's so cute and cuddly, I love him to death. I love dogs, they give unconditional love no matter what. He doesn't care how out of control I feel I've spun, he's always there to curl up on my lap and lick my face.

Well I think it's time to play some sort of game to make me fall asleep, tetris anyone?

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