Friday, July 3, 2009

Neckercheifs...Gay or just artsey?

This week was so fucked up. Not really in a bad sorta way, it was just weird.

To begin with, I just want to wish everyone (who's Canadian) a very happy belated Canada day! And to you Americans out there, Happy early 4th of July! This year Canada day fell on a Wednesday so I spent the majority of yesterday thinking it was Monday and most of today trying to motivate myself to work. Didn't happen.

Also, fun fact: Did you know that they put expiry dates on prescriptions for a reason? My back was really sore and admittedly I wanted to actually get some sleep so I dug around in my medicine cabinet for my trusty bottle of Robax avec codeine. Eureka, I found them! Looking at the bottle I noticed that the expiry was sometime in 2007. Now, being the skeptic that I am I assumed that they put the date on there so that people buy new drugs and the pharmaceutical company makes money. False, they put them on there so that you know when they a) stop working, and b) so you don't get sick when you take them. Both occured in my case. On the bright side I purged everything that I had eaten earlier that day. Also, because of the general haze surrounding me and the SEVER stomach cramps I didn't consume anything but green tea and water. If it werent for the feeling of death, I would do it more often.

Today wasn't to bad, I drank a lot of coffee tho. I had a bite of my friends Pad thai for lunch and some salad for dinner. I worked out for an hour (half an hour run, 10 min. core strengh, 10 min upper body, 10 min stretching and cool down) so I feel pretty good. I'm 4 lbs away from my July goal of 105 and its only the first. Now if only I can keep up the trend. Fingers crossed. Only vodka water if I go out and absolutly no midnight snacking.

For now tho I'm pretty tired. Work drained me pretty bad and I'm feeling pretty shitty still since the robax incident. My love to all of you! Stay strong; Think Thin